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Let's Have a Weddin'

Meet Hubert Dinkle III and his mother Hummis Dinger Dinkle of the aristocratic Dinkle family.

Hubert is getting ready to marry his one and only true love, Garden Hoe. Garden is a member of the, shall we say, less aristocratic, Hoe family.

Garden and her mother Ida….Hoe, have planned this whirlwind of a wedding and invite you to be a part of this family celebration!

This is one wedding where you can actually pick the family you want to be member of. This marriage is a Mystery with a Murder that may spoil the day, with a mad-cap wedding that is full of zany characters and plot twists.

Will you hear the couple say “I do”? Or will a murder conveniently stop the ceremony so the Dinkles can save their dollars or the Hoes can keep their family name?

What better place to have a Murder . . . err . . . Wedding than at the World Famous Boggstown Cabaret, celebrating 45 years of laughs, fun and good times.

Which side of the family do you belong to?

Are you a Dinkle or are you a Hoe?

Dress accordingly.

Notice: Management apologizes in advance for lack of political correctness that may be experienced when attending this ‘humdinger‘ of a wedding!

Dinner / Lunch Show Dates

February 2020

Fri 14 Dinner Show

Sat 15 Dinner Show  

march 2020

Sat 7 Dinner Show

Sun 8 Lunch Show 

Sat 21 Dinner Show

Sun 22 Lunch Show

april 2020

Sat 4 Dinner Show

Sun 5 Lunch Show 

Sat 18 Dinner Show

Sun 19 Lunch Show  

may 2020

Sat 2 Dinner Show

Sun 3 Lunch Show 

Sat 16 Dinner Show

Sun 17 Lunch Show

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